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Full Version: Course map
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I wanna make another map for course but I don't want it to be boring like my last one so I want to have a theme I have some ideas I put into the poll and if anyone has other ideas please reply! Also, please vote for the themes(2) you think would be the most interesting.
A theme isn't going to make your map not boring. It might help it be less boring but i can name a few themed maps that are hot garbage. A few things to look at when making a map is do the traps flow well with eachother, is there too much random variance in my level, does this interest a wide variety of players ( noobs, pros, speedrunners, etc.)
Your map wasn't boring; It was just a bit too grey-scaled.

The reason why people don't like it, is because you added certain obstacles that requires certain skills, for example the ladder strafe. There's nothing wrong with adding that, but make sure to make it possible for "newbs" as well, else they will lose interest rather quickly.

Just as how Kohztec made a pro and a noob path, you could just add a few helping blocks that people could land on if they aren't experienced enough.

Making a map fun to play for all is hard, but I thoroughly enjoyed your map. There was no RNG, it was pure skill and optimization. It was a little bit lackluster because of the washed colours.

shipwreck sounds amazing btw.
Do The Hood lmao