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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-07-25] Authrec's LvL 3 App
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Steam Name: Authrec 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:1884858

Current level and desired level: 2 --> 3

Server(s) you most play on: BHOP, JB, Course

Why you deserve to be promoted: I have a good understanding of the rules, a firm grasp of the level 2 commands, I'm very comfortable dealing with any situations that can be dealt with by a level 2 admin and if a situation which requires a higher level admin appears I'm quick to contact a higher level. I also have a good reputation among the community and I always try to help new players with any questions and any admins who're having trouble dealing with a situation.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):
LVL 1 (Accepted)
LVL 2 (Accepted)

Top tier level 2. Knowledgeable, helpful and mature. I'm convinced he could only benefit from level 3.
+0 Good rule knowledge and understands the uses of commands. helps solve issues that goes on in the community
+0 i was gonna wait till authrec got level 3 before i left but i couldnt wait that long i guess. A very good admin truly deserving of level 3. He would always ask me to get on and deal with people. Hes got a friendly attitude towards everyone that ive seen. Goodluck bruva
+1 great level 2 admin wouldnt doubt he would do good with 3. He is a great role model for casuals and lower level admins and shows a great attitude on servers. Great activity and also very mature.
I've seen Authrec take care of situations properly and use his powers
at the right time. I think he is definitively ready for level 3.

Ive played with quite a lot and i dont think ive ever not seen you be helpful or nice, youre one of the best lvl 2s there is and i feel like you could handel lvl 3 but also be one of the better ones within a few weeks if you got it


Always helpful to everyone knows when and how to punish people could definitely handle level 3.

Goodluck :smooch:
Probably the best level 2 admin, Good with all his commands, Would make a great level 3.

Helpful, mature, would be good to see you with level 3
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