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Full Version: Komi-san’s Introduction
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I’ve been on the server since last summer ( currently June 13th 2019) and I’ve never gotten around to doing this but I mean why not. 

Hello, I’m Komi-san but on the forums I go as Spideyy (Name Changed to Komi), I have been playing swoobles for a while now and have enjoyed the fun and weird experiences throughout it all. I’m 14 and have a deep voice for my age making me sound older than what I really am. I like to joke around and talk with new people who come on the servers. I play Course, KZ, Bhop, and occasionally the 1v1 Server. I’ve gotten admin and hope to get higher up as I continue to play.

Hope to see whoever reads this in-game sometime and have a talk or something!
morning coffee
Good morning. Your that weeb arnt you >Sad
*introduces himself as he is admin*

this seems familiar
(06-13-2019, 01:38 PM)luck Wrote: [ -> ]Good morning. Your that weeb arnt you >Sad

i smell someone who just wants posts
(06-13-2019, 03:35 PM)mints Wrote: [ -> ]i smell someone who just wants posts

why would I want posts I literally only have 3 threads lmao
Thats not very many Smile
Hello stranger that I totally don't know
Hello, Komi. Welcome to the forums bar! Can I interest you in a drink, maybe a house merlot; or even a pint of our very own vodka?
Hi komi
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