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Full Version: [BUG] surf_polygon
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On stage 4 (the last stage), at a certain point, you go down a bunch of tubes that boost you. In this demo and I'm assuming every other demo it's been played in, once you go down those tubes, you just get stuck in a white box and cant get out unless you teleport or noclip, making the map unbeatable.

I think the triggers are broken, because it looks like it's supposed to send you back up the way you came to get to the end since the end of stage 4, and thus the map, is right above and behind the beginning of the stage. IDK if we can make the boosters/antigrav work or what.
A zonemanager could check it out, I think there is a way to fix broken triggers with sm_enthook
Figured it out, it's a broken teleporter.

Skip to 1:23 to see the 4th stage.

Zone managers can't fix this issue due to surf not having the proper tele zones. It also seems to be a trigger issue moreso than a zoning issue. I'll talk with Yota.