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Full Version: Battalion 1944
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Batallion 1944 is kind of like csgo and I'm tryna play that shit but dont wanna get it of I have to solo q. If ur tryna get it with me and play hmu
Watched shroud playing it a couple days ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHesk_GNVLY), it seemed fun. It is $16 though and has mixed reviews. If a ton of people reply saying they have it or they'll get it, I'll try it out.
I play it    reeee
I got it. Me rush and jordan boutta clap cheeks in it. Hmu if u want to comp. Also whens the scoop
Is the game any good?
I saw someone bhopping in it, might try it soon
I'm down to buy it, seems pretty fun. I watched Shroud merk people in it the other day.
Extremely fun game! I def recommend. Add me on steam if you wanna play!