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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-05-24] Lead Application - Spiderpman
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Steam Name: Spiderpman

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104952127

Current level and desired level: 3 -----> Lead

Server(s) you most play on: I play and administrate an all servers except for jb

Why you deserve to be promoted: I'm not going to put much here because I want my character and me, in general, to be judged by you rather than me (Although if you feel a need to read me talking good about myself, you can read all of my apps but the first one (Everything in the most recent one still applies)). The one thing that isn't an opinion based thing that I will talk about is my activity. Right now, even as I'm still in school and have projects that I should be spending most of my time on (Ik, it's not smart), I'm the most active level 3 with almost 100 hours in the last 30 days. When my summer starts (mid-June), it's guaranteed to go up. Like I said before, I'll leave the rest up to you to comment on. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!):
(Seems to be a pattern here... maybe I'll get lead on my 2nd app)
+1 MAJOR plus one have never seen a better candidate to be lead admin. anyone and everyone loves him, and for good reason. I could write several paragraphs about his good behaviour, fun jokes, calm minded rule following.......... hes a god make him lead now
+0 I can’t really gauge your rule knowledge because I can’t recall the last time we’ve ever even played together consciously. I know you’re very eager to prove your points and will go to great lengths to try and make your viewpoint seen. I just am hesitant that as a lead it’s not always about what you personally feel and it’s whats best for the server, and the whole debate the last few weeks has me worried that you won’t put your personal opinions aside when it’s for the betterment of the community. I don’t think you’ll go out of your way to make it my way or the highway, but I also haven’t seen you really attempt to see any argument from other people’s point of view. Good luck man!

One of the main reasons I posted this app was because people are more comfortable giving feedback on apps compared to anywhere else. If you have any feedback, I'll take it.

I'm pretty sure I positively repped most of your previous applications, and I don't regret it to be honest. I've always seen the great potential you had, and I still see it, despite the bad character traits I talked to you about (that you're working on, and it shows). You're a good man, with good intentions. I see your will to make this community better through the different threads and post you make on the forums. Don't let go, keep up the good stuff and keep improving! Good luck.
Haven’t played with you much recently but I always see you in discord answering peoples questions and solving peoples problems, I also noticed that you have gotten rid of a lot of scripters lately And you  know how to handle sm_ban

You are also very mature and you play on multiple servers which is good, you are also one of the most active admins and If you became a lead it would be good to have some leads that played on the servers too.

This is a neutral for now since I don’t have recent playtime with you
+0 Great guy. Helps new players and meets all the requirements for a lead

I've had plenty of mature and level headed conversations with you on the server you're extremely mature and know what you're doing as an admin. You got level 3 very recently but have already impacted the server quite alot with your powers. I could definitely see you in the spot of lead BUT the reason I'm not +1ing is because of the other options that I think are honestly better choices. Don't take offence to that you're still an outstanding admin but I just think some other applicants are better choices.

Goodluck man!!!

Immature. Reacted poorly to certain individuals, never displayed any form of reasoning or ever showed any sort of attempt to listen to anyone else's opinion, in other words incapable of debate. Not ready at all.
+0 one of my favorite level 3s. Very mature. Reacts well when speaking to toxic individuals. I love what your doing on the servers, discord and on forums. But in my eyes still to early for lead. I think yota said hes looking for people who have good jb knowledge. In which you state you have none. Goodluck
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