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Monster and santa pulled a nintendo switch out of their asses yesterday not sure where they got it but theyve been grinding smash ultimate. Ive been playing some and im actually dogshit at it. Theres this one level where u gotts be kirby and the cpu is zero suit samus and u take damage from the floor and the cpu doesnt so u gotta kinda bhop continuously. Sad i havent beaten it yet. Anyway what are some cool games for the switch? I think raid has a smash thread i think i responded 2 it with my friend code, if i didnt i will later today.
Super Mario Odyssey was fun as hell to play through. 

In June Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to the switch, a literal must get for anyone who has a switch.
I play a lot of uno
It's fun
mario kart, breath of the wild, pokemon lets go, mk11 for switch
If you play hollow knight jim, i’ll read the dumb slime stuff.
(04-04-2019, 03:40 AM)Sample Wrote: [ -> ]If you play hollow knight jim, i’ll read the dumb slime stuff.


slimes good asf

Shall check out this hollow knight tom
Also FF7 and 9 are very good rpgs if youve lived under a rock. Switch ports are decent and the music in 7 is why people hype it up so much.
i was hoping this was a nintendo switch giveaway :<