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Full Version: boo, did i scare ya?
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Yeet, I'm back and better! I think I improved on some of the negative spots but other than that!
I think I'm ready to come back to this server in.... 1/2 years at least! I had a blast with you guys
and love to see what your guys did to your server, you probably remember me (if your an og) I was
that little ass kid (still kinda) annoying ass kid (still kinda) but.... better, I'm looking forward to come back
Anyways in conclusion. I MIGHT come back to swoobles
First Seen: Oct 5, 2017 - 04:12 pm


Pick one
Eh welcome back

Ps..you are an og dont listen to the owner
Welcome back, stranger.
mans not og at all

welcome to the forums omega
im scared.

Who is you
why did you make a post if you're not sure whether you're coming back or not lmao.

anyways wb
no you didnt scare me

and if anything, im the real og
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