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Full Version: [POSTED 2019-02-05] Bliv's idk
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Steam Name: Bliv

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104341460

Current level and desired level: 1 ⟶ 2

Server(s) you most play on: Jailbreak, Course, PUG

Why you deserve to be promoted: I’ve been level one for quite a while now and feel like I’m ready for a step-up. I feel like I’m not of much use at my current level due to the amount of higher-up admins simultaneously online as me. Although my activity is not that great compared to my past, I feel like I’ve been trying my best to be a helpful admin.

Link to previous application(s) (all of them!): https://swoobles.com/forums/thread-12307.html (Level One App - Accepted)

Bliv is a good level 1 with good rule knowledge. Although he tells me hes to scared to use commands sometimes if other admins are on. I still think he will use level 2 commands ver nice Smile

Goodluck >/////<

Fucking bot right here but he is a great admin and knows his rules. This weeb could def handle lvl 2.
One of the most active admins but never uses his commands. I think you're more of a player than an admin and definitely need to use your commands to be a good, confident admin.

You're also not very mature, you can be toxic some times and ignorant of the rules if you're around friends.

I sometimes think your a player, you rarely use commands like stated above, only take in admin chat.

Try to use commands more, help with complex situations, and youll be sure to get it!

You barely use your commands to enforce the rules. Great guy but you need to use your commands more, I barely see you enforce stuff.

I don't really see much use for you as an admin. Even when you had 150+ hours in month you still barely used your commands. Maybe the occasional mute and abort lr.


Although you may be active on the servers, I never see you use your commands and you appear more as a casual than an admin to the players.
Touch up on your command usage and how your image looks, then you’d be golden
You are very active and a great lvl 1, yet I have never seen you use your commands. And if you cannot handle those command I feel you are not ready for lvl 2

One hundred percent understanding this more highly respected player than admin role. Your command useage is low however I think because of the role you have in the community, your charisma without even using a mic is outstanding.

Pairing this with a “Decent” rule knowledge and getting a little more into the rounds of JB would suit you incredibly well, I think you’d make an excellent level 2 and further on 3 when you learn to harness these attributes.

Good luck BLIV
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