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Full Version: Multiple Server Donations Update!
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The donator plugin has been updated! Previously, if you donated to multiple servers, you would only get a 150% points bonus when you played on the server you donated to. Now, if you donate to multiple servers, any time you play on a server you have an active donation for, you will receive a 150% point bonus multiplied by how many servers you donate to! If you donate to 3 servers, you would get a 450% points bonus when playing on one of those servers!

We decided to do this for a couple reasons, most important reason being that we wanted to give back to those of you who choose to donate, thank you! This also makes it more effective for those of you who have been wanting to donate to other servers to help out, but weren't getting any benefit since you don't play on those servers.

Lastly, and this is a little off topic, but ALL DALLAS SERVERS ARE AT AN INDEFINITE 300% POINTS BONUS. This has been in effect for a couple weeks now, so some of you may have already noticed this.

Special thanks goes out to Hymns for taking this task on. Thank you so much! Be sure to head on over and leave him a rating if you also appreciate this change as much as we do.


c u t i e
Thank you for adding a really big incentive to donate and contribute to the servers hymns
Thank you Hymns! kewl dood

omegalul yota tryin to populate his servers
Thanks hymns

thanks hymns
Time for pug central to shine

Good stuff Hymns
Thanks hymns
Cool change. Been in affect for a bit and im def seeing a lot more people donating. 300% is cool for more activity