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Full Version: JB Map Ideas (maybe)
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So, I've been planning to make a map. But there is one small problem. I have little to no creativity whatsoever. So I'm going to need a bunch of ideas for games you might want to see, secrets you might want to see, what the map should look like, and etc. If you would like to discuss (or help) with me some of your ideas, you should probably take it to pms so that way we can discuss your ideas more in-depth without flooding this thread.

Now you might've noticed that this thread is called "JB Map Ideas (maybe)", im saying this because this map isnt definitely going to happen. Im definitely going to start it, but finishing it is another story.

Also, im not really that good at map building so I need all the help I can get.

pls make a traditional kz game. kz #1!!!
1. Little to no incell secrets, especially vent cell/pistol. This leads to a heavily t sided map 75% of the time.
2. Focus on great games, and secrets after the map is made. I have suggestions for secrets, but I won't go into huge detail. Some cool secrets would be multiple step, not TOO good, but something like a lunge, or a teleporting decoy like thorgot did on arcade. Obviously dont copy him.
3. Optimize well, this will make your map more enjoyable for people who dont have god tier pcs like myself.
4. Don't add extremely easy games, also add very hard games for experienced players. Another good example is hardclimb/hard surf etc. on thorgots maps. Something not many people can complete, but make sure to have some low-mid tier games.
Learn the basics of mapping and using hammer world editor before you even start with a project like this.
(09-26-2018, 11:05 PM)Kieran Wrote: [ -> ]Learn the basics of mapping and using hammer world editor before you even start with a project like this.

I have, I plan to mess around a bit more with Hammer before hopping onto the mapping phase.
I would suggest not to overload the map with secrets, or the to other way around. Also, making good routes to games and make sure its easy and accessible to get to every (or most) games. Also suggest to not make games that are too easy, as light said, cause its not enjoyable for everyone, nor should it be near impossible to do. Maybe you could get some inspiration from other well played maps on the server atm.
Make a long or confusing vent system to stop rebels stopping rounds from getting out of cell area.
Also, can I get some themes maybe?
(09-27-2018, 01:18 AM)Pleebis Wrote: [ -> ]Also, can I get some themes maybe?

jb_kanto (pokemon obviously)
Make the big black dick secert. and also add a Kz climb normal climb bhop surf and jumprope. just some basics I can think of good luck.
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