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Full Version: Surf competition!
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I will be hosting a surf competition on August 5th when all the surf records reset to hopefully get a boost in numbers on the server. I briefly went over everything in the news thread.

Up above is a poll in which there will be maps that can be voted to become the surf competition map. You may only choose one map and the map with most votes will be the competition map. Players will have all day on August 5th to try to get the best record on the TBD map. The person with the best record will receive a prize in which Crow so kindly donated his key for Destiny 2. There are a few requirements that must be met in order to compete for the prize;


  • You MUST have at least 10 total hours on swoobles before the date of the contest
  • Your record must be recorded between 11:59pm EST August 4th to 12:00am EST August 6th.
  • Have fun

If you have any questions, PM me or just respond back in this thread.
can the records be on any style? i would assume only 1 style is allowed cause there is only 1 prize

edit: you should add utopia to the poll!
(07-21-2018, 01:45 AM)friendly Wrote: [ -> ]can the records be on any style? i would assume only 1 style is allowed cause there is only 1 prize

edit: you should add utopia to the poll!

The only style in prize contention will be on Auto-bhop (or just "no style").

Yeah how could I forget about utopia.
I'll come play, (even though you guys aren't changing my discord name back like meanies).

I used to play surf servers before I played jailbreak. Usually I played those shitty 1map servers and I was fairly decent. I can't set records but I could post semi-decent times.

I'm not familiar with half these maps, so I'll try to get on before then and try some of these maps. It will sure be amusing seeing everyone's reaction when someone beats the record.
That's kinda weird. I voted for surf_year300 and now my vote says it's for utopia...

EDIT: I voted before utopia was added, if that matters at all
I think a really good map would be surf_fast (or Mesa_aether rather than Mesa)
i really like this idea, sadly i wont be around to participate. I hope to do the same thing on bhop when we rework our timer cause of panorama. good luck!
The people have chosen and it looks like surf_utopia_njv will be the surf competition map! Hope to see everyone on the 5th!
The contest has now ended! Thanks everyone for joining up and having a try for the best record. It was truly a joy seeing everyone battling and hopefully having a good time. I will contact the winner shortly and make a post later. Thanks again!
Congratulations to Kek for winning the prize! Although he wasn't the best time, he did meet the requirements to win. Thanks again to everyone that came out, I hope to do more in the future.
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