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My name is Max. Just call me Grady 2.0, please. I am 15 years old and I am from Québec, Canada. (Yes that's mean I am French.) It's been 2-3 years I play Jailbreak and I just started playing again. I was on a old server that closed and I never played after. I fucking love traps so don't ask why I post some pictures of traps sometimes... Like you can see on that profile picture, it is indeed my trap himself. I hope to have fun and enjoyment in here. I don't care if you like girls or not, but if you like traps, you are my friend. I will probably explore all the servers... So yeah... You are a real trap master reading all of this... well congrats, thanks for reading and see ya on the server!
Hi I’m Chrono. I hang around the forums,shoutbox and discord.
Hi, welcome to the forums
hi, nice mfk
Hi there
Hi. Welcome to the forums.
[Image: 2hR8ZPo.gif]
Helloes good sir
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