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Full Version: 2018/03/23 - Jailbreak
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Removed Maps:
  • jb_mountaincraft_v5
  • ba_jail_modern_castle_csgo
  • ba_jailbreak_rectangle
  • jb_moon_v1
  • jb_lego_jail_2k17b
  • jb_pokemania_rsc_v2
  • jb_tactics_v4
  • jb_snowland
  • jb_iceworld
  • jb_fuckzz_beta
  • jb_solstice

We will be going through old maps and adding back some that are worth it. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks.
Cant wait Big Grin
Blank and voodoo will be back if its the last thing i do
All thanks to your jb map committee


Why do I not see coldcampus kappa