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Full Version: 2017/11/25 Bhop
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Removed Maps:
bhop_hexag0n_csgo - No way to get the zones just right and I have never heard anyone say "ya hexag0n"
bhop_cold_rg1 - Has teleport issues that can kill your timer.
bhop_hood - Teleport from section to section have a glitch that stops you sometimes.
bhop_easy_ultrafix - No one likes this map.
bhop_yuna_zadrot_rg1 - No one likes and broken in some cases.
bhop_strafe_sewer_rg1 - Has specific spots to fall and have a bad teleport send you across most of the map. If you don't know where this spot is, you can never beat the times.

Anyone think one of my decisions are wrong please speak up, maps can be reinstated.