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Full Version: GCC Welcomes Swoobles!
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Hi, my name is The Empathetic Peacemaker.

I'm here to discuss some big news about an organization our team has worked very hard to create and market over the past month and a half or so, along with some good news about us moving forward.

I used to be the Director of Community Engagement at HeLLsGamers. While there, I helped create and oversee the HGCE Branch of HG, which includes seven different committees.

I'm happy to announce that our organization, Gaming Community Central (GCC for short) has officially partnered with Swoobles! I'm also happy to announce that Yota_Ninja and Big Wet have chosen to serve as Advisors for GCC, while ArmyJackz will serve Swoobles as Community Ambassador!

GCC was founded on the belief that server-based gaming communities were missing key opportunities to network and help each other out with achieving common goals. To do this, GCC is taking a three-pronged approach to increase inter-community activity: cross-community events, an aggregated news page, and our inclusive but principled GCC membership opportunity. By doing so, we hope to create a network of partnership and growth based on respect, fairness and cooperation that supports all communities involved.

If that sounds like something you wanna be a part of, then you're in luck.  We're looking for new staff members, so be sure to check out our open staff positions here and contact me on Steam so we can work out the details. Keep in mind that if you currently hold a staff position in a community, you will be held to a stricter screening process and higher standards to prevent any conflicts of interest.

Check out our website to learn more about our organization and its plans to move forward here.

We're excited to start collaborating with Swoobles! and look forward to taking advantage of some fantastic opportunities to connect with you all and other communities Big Grin

GCC Website
GCC Steam Group
Thank you, Peace. This was the "big news" that I had mentioned earlier this week. Partnering with the GCC presents some pretty cool opportunities for Swoobles, and most of the gaming communities in general. They will be able to assist us in future events we hold, and we will be invited to their future community vs. community events. These events are not just limited to CSGO; In fact, there is a League of Legends tournament in the works right now! More to come on that.

Anyway, please welcome Peace and place your comments/concerns below.
Woah, cool! I used to be a moderator on HG (Different account, TF2 Division)
I'll rekt in tournaments
yeah ill carry in the league tourney
Interesting stuff
o v e r w a t c h
(08-10-2017, 03:49 AM)Tickle Wrote: [ -> ]o v e r w a t c h

were not as good as u tickle half the swoobles overwatch players get boosted by you if we had a tourney it would be you vs the world
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