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The following is a list of rules that should be followed to help create an enjoyable experience in our game servers. These rules apply to ALL of the Swoobles servers.

Please report rule breakers and admin abuse here. If you feel you were wrongly punished, or to appeal a punishment, please create a thread here.

If someone is being annoying you can mute or gag them with !sm and !sg.
!sm - Set mute.
!sg - Set gag.
!ms - Mute speaking (mute the players currently speaking).

Bans and timed punishments are global across all Swoobles servers.

  1. Do not lend your skins to anyone. We have seen many instances where an admin or good friend will backstab you for a skin.
    • 1st offense: Just don't do it. We won't punish for your stupidity or trust.
    • Note: If an admin is attempting to scam or assisting in a scam please report them (they will lose admin).

  2. Do not hack.
    • 1st offense: Permanent┬ában.

  3. Do not use scripts/macros. (Your records will be wiped)
    • 1st offense: 7 day ban.
    • 2nd offense: Permanent┬ában.

  4. Do not be overly obnoxious or spam voice/text excessively.
    • 1st offense: Vote mute for voice spam. Verbal warning for text spam.
    • 2nd+ offense: Muted or gagged for a length determined by the admin (based on the spam severity and your previous punishments).

  5. Do not ghost (telling others where someone is while dead).
    • 1st offense: Verbal warning.
    • 2nd offense: Kick.
    • 3rd+ offense: 10 minute ban.

  6. Do not use exploits/loop-holes (this includes game, server, map, and rule exploits).
    • 1st offense: Verbal warning.
    • 2nd offense: Kick.
    • 3rd+ offense: 2nd punishment again or a 10 minute ban.

  7. Do not constantly harass players. You can be reported for this and if lead admins think you're a burden you will be banned.
    • 1st+ offense: Ban length depends on the magnitude of your harassment.
    • Note: Do not report people for trash talking, disrespect, or just being a cunt. Report only for actual examples of harassment.

  8. Do not impersonate admins.
    • 1st offense: Verbal warning.
    • 2nd offense: 10 minute ban.
    • 3rd+ offense: 24 hour ban.

  9. Some of our servers have rules that should be followed in addition to these rules. Make sure you read them as well.
  10. Have fun!