Swoobles News

Burdens beware!

The day of the burdensome player is over. Timed mutes and gags are back and the sm/sg/votesm plugin has been modified, so admins can now better deal with extremely toxic and repetitive spammers. The sm/sg/votesm plugin will now only mute or gag for the current map which means it behaves exactly like regular mute/gag but still lets each individual player make the final decision. The timed mute/gag plugin will allow a maximum of 15 days, which I think is plenty of time to let someone determine if they want to change their attitude or not. If someone is timed punished with 15 day durations over and over again, then they can be reported and have a longer or even permanent punishment applied. As an admins level increases so does the duration of their mutes/gags. Level 1 gets access to !votesm, level 2 gets access to a 3 day timed mute/gag, level 3 gets access to a 7 day timed mute/gag, and level 4 gets access to a 15 day timed mute/gag. I'm asking the admins to please punish according to the severity of the player in question without over punishing. I want the admins to remember they can still sm and sg the players they personally don't want to hear when nobody else is annoyed by said player (such as music when the majority still want to listen to it).

Store, donations, and Chicago

Most everyone knows the Swoobles store has been removed. If you didn't know.. now you do. The main reason the store was removed was because it took people forever to download all the server files and we lost a lot of potential players because of that. With the store removed all of the new players will now connect about 15 times faster than before. The download size went from around 300~ megabytes down to 20~ megabytes.

Removing the store also gave me a chance to rework our donation system since the old donation system was pretty much built with the store in mind. Your old store points and item's worth have been converted into coins which you can use to purchase donator status. Right now the only way to get new coins is to donate towards the servers. The cost of donator status is either 10 coins for a single server or a deal of 25 coins for every server. The donator status perks are server specific and vary between them. Check the perks out here if you haven't already.

Community vs community tournaments

One of the other CS:GO communities has reached out to Swoobles and multiple others to see if we would like to participate is community vs community matches. Their goal is to host events (majors, tournaments, etc..) with a single team representing each community. This reminds me of old community clan vs clan matches back in the day on older games which were quite fun then, and I'm sure will still be just as fun.

New website launched - Still under construction

The new Swoobles website has finally launched. You will notice the design has completely changed and there are now many more features throughout the site. Not all of the site features are live yet as I want to push things out one by one and tackle any bugs that will surely come up. The design itself is not completely finished either and the logo you see now is temporary. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions to what is already launched please let me know.

Soon to come changes

Near the end of this year or early next year there are going to be some major changes. Every change I list in this post is happening due to Swoobles basically clinging on for its life right now. Player count is low, the infrastructure is entirely too expensive for the donations received, and quite honestly Swoobles takes up almost all of my free time for little to no gain in return. When the community was thriving and full of life it was great, but the last year or so it has been extremely slow and aggravating. If you don't like the following changes then it's sort of tough luck because at this point it's I either make the changes or kill off Swoobles, and I more than anyone don't want to see Swoobles die.

Season 3 ending and new map voting

It's been nearly a year since season 3 started and it's been a long year at that. Every year I like trying to improve Swoobles as much as possible.. but.. during the last year I feel like I have been fighting countless fixes to our already existing features (thanks for making things really hard Valve). Needless to say I'm behind where I would have liked to have been by this point, but even with all the set backs I still think there was good progress made over the year.

The last year also brought on the most dedicated players we've had playing on a season yet. I'm sure everyone has been wanting to see what the rewards these dedicated players will receive so I'll go ahead and show you!

Healing area, auto-bhop, and squelching

The jailbreak server got a new warden toy, the course server got auto-bhop, and every server got squelching improvements.

Jailbreak changes, optimizations, and more

Many of you have probably already noticed the jailbreak server received an update of much needed changes, fixes, and features today. I'll go over some of the larger items in the list. A complete list of the jailbreak servers changelog can be found here.

New jailbreak warden menu

Tonight a new feature was added to the jailbreak server that allows wardens to utilize a new menu. For now the menu only contains colored rings the warden is able to place anywhere on the ground. There are three colors to choose from; red, green, and yellow. These rings will persist after a player is removed from warden so the next warden can easily continue where that previous player left off. The warden menu is automatically displayed to the warden when they are selected and can also be redisplayed manually by using the new !wm command.

New rules and punishments wiped

Swoobles is changing to be much more relaxed with our server rules. Due to the new rules all of the bans and timed mutes/gags have been lifted. If you were previously banned due to our old strict rules you are now able to rejoin the servers.